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Wrongful Death

Wrongful DeathOur most difficult and dreaded event is the sudden and tragic wrongful death of a family member or loved one. While you and your family are appropriately grieving your loss, the insurance company for the at fault party is hard at work finding witnesses, detailing the scene and doing everything they can to avoid accepting responsibility for their actions. It is important to hire an attorney to get to work on these cases immediately. Engineers need to be dispatched, evidence needs to be preserved, vehicles need to be impounded and inspected, witnesses need to be identified and interviewed, and toxicology and other medical forensics need to be preserved. We understand what it takes to prepare and win wrongful death cases in Florida and have handled dozens over our 30 years. These cases are controlled by the Florida Wrongful Death Act and require appointment of a Personal Representative to represent the Estate and move forward with the case. The Personal Representative appointed by the Court is the person who controls the wrongful death case and makes a recovery for all of the legal survivors of the individual who was killed. One of the positive benefits of hiring Dunlap Trial Law early in these cases is to allow your family to heal privately and appropriately while allowing our team to gather all necessary information to protect your rights and pursue claims for you and your family.