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Increase of Traffic Crashes on A1A

The traffic on A1A and around St.Johns County is much different than in years past. I have lived in Ponte Vedra since 1989 and what a change! A1A has collision after collision. I saw three in one day.

There is a big difference in an “Accident” and a “Collision”. An accident may happen in the Publix parking lot. A minor impact when two cars are pulling out at the same time. A collision happens when someone is not paying attention to what they are doing. Most likely texting or using a smart phone. The collision happens fast and usually at a high speed. Your body is thrown forward and then violently backward. It’s unnatural. It hurts. Your car is crushed. The value of your car is immediately diminished. It’s not your fault. Why are you the one paying for medical bills and car repairs? Why do you get a hard time from your own insurance company? You did nothing wrong. You paid your insurance premiums on time.

Dunlap Ravis and Miller is a personal injury law firm located at the Beach. We know this area and the community. We work with local medical providers, car repair facilities and can help you when you have been in a Collision.

You probably do not want to admit you hurt. Who has time for that? But Florida Law requires you be seen and evaluated by a medical facility within 14 days of the Collision. If not, you own insurance medical benefits will be dropped from $10,000 to $2,500. For no other reason than you did not seek a medical evaluation within 14 days.

There are several layers of insurance involved in a automobile collision. First, you have property damage coverage. Possibly a deductible if your own insurance carrier pays for the repairs. Next is rental car coverage. There is also coverage for Diminished Value of your vehicle if it requires repairs. Next is the PIP or Personal Injury Protection coverage. This is for medical expenses and lost wages. It is typically $10,000 but reduced if you do not obtain a medical evaluation in the first 14 days.  PIP pays 80% of reasonable and necessary medical expenses. You may also have Medical Payments coverage. That provision is coordinated with your PIP to pay the 20% balance. These are your own coverages. The inattentive at-fault driver has not paid a thing yet.

Hopefully the at-fault driver or vehicle owner maintains Bodily Injury Liability coverage. It is not required in Florida. That is the coverage that compensates you and your family for personal injuries: Out of pocket expenses, excess medical bills, deductibles, pain and suffering, inconvenience, interruption of your normal life activities, and other problems and discomfort the negligent driver has caused you.

If the at-fault driver does not have Bodily Injury Liability coverage or does not have sufficient amounts to cover your damages, hopefully you have protected yourself and family with Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist coverage. It pays when the other party cannot.

Of course your own Health Insurance plan may be involved. In our current economy, $10,000 does not go very far for medical expenses, especially if you require a trip to the ER or Hospital. MRIs, E-Rays, EEG, medication, Physicians charges add up quickly. If you have Medicare or Tri Care or Medicare Supplement plans, things can get complicated.

With so much going on following a Collision, your first concern must be your health and well being and the health and well being of your family. Let us take care of the legal, insurance, property damage, lost wages, and personal injury damages. Call us immediately so you do not jepordize your benefits. Our consultation is free and we can answer all your questions, including, “do I have a case?” We can guide you through the process. We work with local medical providers to help make that initial, critically important medical evaluation. We understand how to coordinate your coverages and benefits to maximize your coverages.

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