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Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Injury or DeathMost motorcycle accidents in the United States result from another vehicle turning directly in front of the oncoming motorcycle. Most vehicle drivers who cause these collisions claim they never saw the motorcycle before the collision. Motorcycle cases present their own unique issues in personal injury and wrongful death litigation. Many members of our community are biased against motorcycle riders and do not understand the training, the attention and the dedication motorcycle riders exhibit while operating their motorcycles in Florida. Motorcycle collisions are often catastrophic. We have extensive experience with motorcycle cases involving head injuries, traumatic brain injuries, neck injuries, multiple broken bones and cognitive defects. Calculating the speeds of the vehicles at collision, identifying the sightlines of the at fault vehicle, documenting evidence at the scene of the collision, preserving the motorcycle itself and identifying and speaking with all witnesses at the scene is critical in a motorcycle collision case. Most witnesses to motorcycle collisions are unable and inexperienced in estimating speeds. Their estimates are often flawed by the loud noise of the motorcycle. Our firm has the experience and works with motorcycle experts to prepare and win these cases.