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Welcome to Dunlap, Ravis & Miller

Dunlap, Ravis & Miller is a local Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra Beach Trial Law Firm dedicated to helping clients through the most difficult of times and situations.

Preparing for the worst and striving for the very best possible outcome is our case by case commitment to our clients. By doing this, preparing from day one for the most difficult obstacles, we are ensuring our clients receive the best possible outcome in their individual case. Often times this allows cases to be settled directly with the insurance company representing the at fault party. They understand our reputation for setting the case value and achieving it. Many situations require filing and bringing a lawsuit which involves skilled litigation experience and resources. At Dunlap, Ravis & Miller, we have gathered the skills and resources over the last 35 years to see our clients’ cases through to the appropriate conclusion.

We also represent clients whose own insurance company or agent has failed them in a time of need. You pay large insurance premiums for protection and coverage and hope you never need it. But when you need expensive medical treatment or your property is damaged or     destroyed, you should be able to rely on your own insurance company to stand with you, not in the way! We represent clients whose claims have been denied for inappropriate reasons. This includes your own automobile insurer, your health insurance carrier or your homeowners   insurance company. Many times in these cases, the attorneys fees are charged back to the insurance company instead of you, the insured.

Co-Counsel / Referals

Dunlap, Ravis & Miller, PLLC works with attorneys and clients from around the State and in northeast Jacksonville to co-counsel and provide litigation and trial services. Dunlap, Ravis & Miller, PLLC also handle cases in different locations around the State, co-counseling with local attorneys in that area. If you are an attorney with a client with a potential claim in the northeast Jacksonville area, please contact David Dunlap to discuss how we might work together for your client.

Our Areas of Practice

If you have been injured by another or if you have had insurance claims denied of whatever nature, please contact us. Our initial consultation and discussions are free of charge. Ultimately, the attorneys’ fees are contingent upon success in your case. If we are not successful by settlement or a jury verdict, there are no fees charged.

“The leading rule for the lawyer, as for the man of every other calling, is diligence.
Leave nothing for tomorrow which can be done today.”

– Abraham Lincoln